Lukasz Pietraszek

Lukasz Pietraszek

Delivery Manager & Frontend Developer

A Senior Frontend Developer with over 10 years of experience delivering e-commerce projects. Highly skilled in designing and implementing frontend solutions for enterprise-scale projects based on SAP CX (Hybris B2C & B2B). Experienced in working remotely and leading teams of front-end developers spread over different countries and time zones. I screened and interviewed potential candidates for open job positions. Currently work as Agile Delivery Manager for co.brick - a startup house.

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My personal toolbox

I hand-code all of my HTML, CSS and JavaScript due to the strong belief that robust solutions depend upon a deep understanding of all the front-end code. This discipline also enables efficient fixing of bugs when they arise.

  • CSS
    CSS architecture for large-scale projects / Frontend performance / BEM naming methodology / Assets and payloads optimization
  • JavaScript
    Best programming practices / Clean Code / DRY, KISS, YAGNI principles/ Module bundles / BazaarVoice / REST API / RequireJS / Handlebars / React / Angular / Typescript
  • Usability & Accessibility
    Usability & Accessibility
    Designing user interfaces that allows users of diverse abilities to navigate, understand, and use your UI
  • Certified Scrum Developer
    Certified Scrum Developer
    Requirements gathering / Design / Development / Sprint planning
  • Amplience
    Headless CMS Integration / Monograms / Product configurators / Components design & development
  • SAP CX (Hybris)
    SAP CX (Hybris)
    Creating custom themes / Project estimations / UI Team lead / 3rd party integration / Client support and consultancy


Why you might want to work with me

In addition to my expertise as a front-end developer, I also specialize in other activities that could benefit your team.

  • Interviewing candidates
    Helping you to build team that will start delivering value by screening and interviewing potential candidates in your name.
  • MVP
    Bringing your idea as a minimal viable product (MVP) and beyond to help you to win new clients.
  • DevRel
    Mentoring developers while also maintaining a mutually beneficial partnership between the company and its clients.


Over 10 years of experience

During my 10+ years of professional experience I have helped build websites and services for well-known companies - B2C and B2B as well as for independent artists and charities. Click on the logos of selected projects for more details.

Cover Image for P&O Ferries
Cover Image for Stella & Dot
Cover Image for SanMar
Cover Image for The Body Shop
Cover Image for Jack Wills
Cover Image for Dreams
Cover Image for Delhaize
Cover Image for Brakes
Cover Image for Office
Cover Image for British American Tobacco
Cover Image for Arsenal direct


Notes to self

Blog posts featuring personal thoughts around web development aspects, finances, self-improvement, inspiring quotes and more



Over the years I had pleasure working on great projects but it was peoples (both clients and work mates) who made this projects pleasure to work on. Here are some of the recommendations I've received from my colleagues.

I worked with Lukasz for over 2 years on multiple challenging end-to-end projects at two companies, where he led the front-end development team and was my “go-to” person for all UI-related queries. His knowledge of front-end technologies is excellent, as he looked to incorporate the latest technologies into our projects and led by example by setting high coding standards for the front-end team.

Iain Hendry
Senior Business Analyst

Lukasz is a great addition to our UI team at Portaltech Reply. He is a 'go-to' person when you need a quick and complete solution. Technical and with a keen eye for detail, Lukasz also has the rare quality of genuine self drive which has displayed itself whilst being UI project lead for one of our largest global clients.

Simon Davies
Lead UI at Portaltech Reply

I was super impressed with his leadership skills and the way he could impel his team of developers to follow his vision for the project and maintain exceptionally high standards of code quality. He expected only the best from his team and he was never afraid to nurture their talent. His team under his guidance was incredibly successful at achieving a near perfect score for his team’s work during UAT for a crucial project I was leading for a Major Mattress Retailer.

Mathew Parangot
Senior eCommerce Project Manager