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Following are notes i took while reading this book at the begining of 2023 beginning.

"Coaching for Performance" is definitely one of the top 5 professional books I have read in recent years. I would recommend it to everyone, regardless of their position within the company hierarchy. The core message of the book is to increase awareness of our daily responsibilities, enhance communication, and accomplish goals that benefit not only the organizations we are part of but also our personal well-being. The book emphasizes the importance of "being true to oneself and fully utilizing one's potential."


When reading this book I came across the diagram that visually shows how awareness and responsibility are keys to building high-performing organisations. 

Additionally, the author suggests the various models used to scale up and grow companies have little value without the context of awareness and responsibility and the right intentions and skills to generate them (eg. through active listening and powerful questions).

Hence, if you manage teams or decide on how your company runs you might want to consider it to make a real positive impact that is based on human growth and dignity. 1680672601313.jpg

In the 1970s, tennis coach Timoty Gallwey developed a number of concepts which contributed to the development of coaching, including the importance of awareness of internal obstacles (our thoughts, feelings, and physical reactions, which are often self-created). Gallwey recognized the power of increased awareness in decreasing performance-limiting interference. He stated:

Our Performance equals our potential minus interference (P = p - i)

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